Installations & H
Installations & H

Business hours

At DAVI-ELECTRICAL we will work what hours are agreed with the customer before work commences, we understand that working a strict 8am - 4pm  or  9am - 5pm is not always suitable for the customer and we will do our best to work as and when needed.


for example:

  • A kitchen fitter may need an electrician for an hour only to connect a dishwasher or Cooker before they can continue fitting the kitchen.
  • Disconnect a light switch before a builder knocks a wall down
  • Isolate a curcuit for another Tradesman before they can continue
  • Install temporary lighting for another Tradesman


There are many instances where another tradesman cannot continue until an Electician

has arrived on the scene to do what maybe a 10 minute job, at DAVI- ELECTRICAL we are here to help.


We also have our phones on 24/7, if you have an emergency or want advice

dont hesitate to get in touch



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