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Kit 4 Premium Telecomm 2000-----£299



The Kit 4 is the newer 2013 model of Kit 3, this Telecommunicating Alarm will ring you when triggered - for the ultimate peace of mind.

Kit 4 has a new designed touch screen panel performs all the functions of the standard control panel (kit 2)with the additional feature of alerting you by telephone should the alarm be activated. The system can store up to three telephone numbers, such as your home, mobile and work numbers and will call them in a specified sequence. The system can also be activated and deactivated using your touch-tone telephone.

This Version also adds the latest 868Mhz technology for more secure alarm system

Rolling Codes and Anti Jamming


  • Siren Box
  • Dummy Siren
  • PIR Movement Detector x 2
  • Door contact x 2
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Expandable up to 20 devices


  • Rolling code
  • Anti jamming
  • Phone alert during alarm
  • Remote arming / disarming
  • latest 868Mhz Technology for more secure alarm system  

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