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Kit 5 Smartphone 3000 Alarm   £520


The SmartPhone Alarm can be operated using your own iPhone/Android SmartPhone or via a standard PC web browser. Upon triggering, the PIR camera can take an image of the room and send it direct to your phone for visual confirmation of what has caused the alert.

Upon alarm triggering, the external siren will start sounding and you will be notified by email and push notification (iOS only) on your smartphone. There is a wide range of accessories available for this system including the clever power switch accessory, allowing you to turn lights, appliances and other electrical items on and off using your smartphone.


  • Siren Box
  • Dummy Siren
  • PIR Movement Detector x 1
  • PIR Image Camera x 1
  • Door Contact x 1
  • Keypad x 1
  • Control Box
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Expandable up to 20 devices


  • For use with iPhone and Android phone
  • Home internet broadband required.
  • Send images to your SmartPhone upon alarm event
  • Send a 10 second  to your SmartPhone upon alarm event via video Pir(extra)
  • Remote arming / disarming via app
  • Pre-linked for easy programming
  • Rolling code
  • Anti jamming
  • Email, iOS push message and SMS during alarm


* The SmartPhone feature requires a central server. They offer no guarantee on the availability of thier server. They aim to maintain a server until 2018. They would contact individual users via email should this situation change.

Alarm event is notified by email, push notification event (iOS only) and SMS message.




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