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Our 1000 kits V 2000 kits

The main advantages of our 2000 kits with the 1000 kits is the increased frequency from 433 MHz to 868 MHz

In the very early days of wireless security alarms it was often the case that other wireless equipment like police radios could interfere with wireless alarm equipment making the systems less stable and prone to false alarm conditions.


Wireless security alarm manufacturers started to produce wireless alarm equipment in the 433 MHz frequency, which was less cluttered by other devices making it is more stable.

But this has now been improved to wireless alarm equipment using the 868 MHz frequency which almost entirely is used only by wireless security alarms making it even more stable.


Another advantage of using the 868MHz in comparison to the more congested  433MHz.

Also another advantage of 868 MHz is the fact that it’s called “limited duty cycle” which means that all devices using this frequency are allowed to transmit for more than a few milliseconds, every second. This means that overall there are fewer devices at any given moment transmitting on 868 MHz, in fact manufacturers producing the chips for the equipment have stated that this frequency is at least 100 times immune from interference.


The system also has an improvement in its jamming detection which will help to prevent intentional signal location by would-be burglars. This is for an improved secure code transmission service, scrambling the signals not allowing people to easily locate the signal.

With the new 2000 telecomm alarm kits you have the best of both worlds, a more stable security wireless alarm with its inbuilt autodialler which can ring out to 3 telephone numbers if the system is activated. This gives the owners of the property the ability to monitor their own alarm system without having to pay an external company hundreds of pounds every year to do a similar job.

The cost of the new 2000 kits has increased slightly in price but with this added security we truly believe this is still an extremely good value piece of equipment and definitely worth considering over 1000 kits

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